Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun Weekend

This was a fun "friend" weekend. Since 90% of my friends live out of town I love when they come to Tuscaloosa (or Birmingham) to visit and we can all get together. This particular weekend, our friend Jeremy, who was our neighbor for 2 years in college, had a dinner party/reception for his upcoming nuptials. We are very excited about his engagement to Meredith. Since I took zero pictures at the party, I stole a picture of them from Facebook.

So, this party prompted my 2 Mobile friends, Susan & Kristin to come to town. Kristin has a baby the same age as Baker and they had never met. We have tried in the past and sickness got in the way. So, Kristin and Leah Jane came to Tuscaloosa for the morning and it was great to finally see her in person. She is oh-so precious and sweet. Baker is in a hitting phase (now that the biting is over) so she got some slaps which are always embarrassing, but LJ didnt seem to mind. In fact, it wasnt long before they were "hugging it out". Isn't she pretty?

Then for the grand finale, Holly and Brett were in Birmingham all weekend and we got to meet baby Harper on Sunday. This was the first time 4 of our 5 babies were all together! We wish Elise could have been there but we will do it again.

Baker, Harper, Leah Jane & Thomas (there are 2 more on the way and Elise that is missing)

After this gathering we went to wish Hayes a Happy 2nd Birthday since we missed her party. I didnt take any pictures but B & H were SO happy to see each other. They just squealed and squealed. I really wish our families could have seen them together this time. I'd say it was the first time they mutually enjoyed each other.

And last, I call this picture "These are a few of my favorite things"

Me me me me...."New York and Baker and Onesies and Auburn...."

Friday, January 21, 2011

One more month old!

Since Baker turned 1 I havent felt the need to update each and every month like I did in his first year. However, he is changing so much daily I need to document all of his new tricks at 15 months. I LOVE this age for the most part. We have had some trying times too. I will include them both.


- He gasps and does a huge "O" with his mouth constantly like he is surprised by everything. So we have started gasping at him for no reason which sparks his gasp. Never gets old.

-He makes it his mission to get on to the cats for jumping on things. This has always made me laugh really hard. He thinks its his job to keep them off and says "no, no" and shakes his finger at them.

- Still loves Baby Einstein videos a LOT and does said gasp whenever we turn it on.

- He knows all of his face parts and likes to point out our eyes, nose, hair, mouth etc.. and he pronounces "eye" "Ieeyee".

- Really loves bouncing on things. I totally regret not getting him the Circo bouncer for Christmas. We decided not to since its big and didnt get good reviews, but the boy wants to be on the bed, counch, chair and just waller & jump/bounce all the time.

- He is not solid on "s" words but when we show him his shoes or socks he tries by saying "ssssss". Very cute.

-Boy loves to dance as most toddlers do, but its always very cute b/c he also tries to snap and it looks very funny.

- We have been trying to teach basic sign launguage for a while. He knows "more", "please", "thank-you" and "milk". He uses them correctly as well.

- Still loves applause (and I'm willing to bet that he always will) so I try to give him his applause after any little thing he does, like turning off the light. I let him turn off all the lights when we leave in the mornings and it sometimes takes forever, but he loves it.

- I have been teaching him how to put his toys away when we are finished and I thought that might be silly for his age, but he totally picked up on it quick and does what I tell him to. Which brings me to the realization that I sell him short alot on intelligence. I sometimes think he is too young to learn certain things but when I just try, he usually gets it. My bad.

- I wish I had introduced coloring earlier but this is another thing I thought he was just too young to do yet, and now he still doenst know not to eat them. I tell him 1,000 times "not in the mouth" and its not registering. He will make a few marks on the paper though which go immediately on the refrigerator.

-He loves for us to chase him. He runs well so its fun for all.


- We have had enough ear infections to get an appoointment for the ENT. We are looking at tubes in his little future. I was so hoping the pyloric stenosis would be our only baby surgery, but I hear tubes are pretty non-dramatic so hopefully this will solve alot of problems.

- He is currently in a very early morning routine. He has been going to bed at 7:30 and waking up at 6:00 for as long as he has been really sleeping through the night (a long time ago) but just recently decided his wake-up time was 4:00. Well, we don't even entertain the idea of actually getting him up that early so we let him cry it out. However, it wakes us up and then its hard to go back to sleep for an hour until he really gets up (at 5:30) 5:30?? Really? I thought 6:00 was bad. The doctor has no advice here. Yea.

- Daycare= constant sickness.

- Tantrums do not wait for the "Terrible Twos". Apparently they should rename them "Terrible Ones" b/c boy can throw them and for no real reason.

-I don't know if its b/c he has been sick or what but Baker is really clingy right now. He had gotten to he point where he wouldnt even cry when I dropped him off at daycare, but this morning, for example, he was in complete devastation about it. I felt terrible for leaving him there so distraught, but what do you do?

Bathtime fun

General Information

Weight: 23 lbs 3 oz

Height: Short
Teeth: just got a molar! Which makes 8 teeth total

Eats: He generally is a good, well balanced eater. He loves green beans, sweet potatoes, cheese, carbs of all kind,s some meats especially if they are disguised in a meal, all fruit, yogurt. Right now he has some stomach issues and doenst want anything.

Drinks: whole milk all day, some juice but I really don't offer juice that much because of the sugar. Sugar and Baker don't mix well.

One thing is for sure is that Baker does not lack personality or cuteness. We could eat him up all day and we do. He's brought us ridiculous amounts of joy and laughter and I'm loving all the things he is learning every day.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We will let this speak for itself.

I am soooooo excited! What a great game and an incredible season full of fear, stress, big wins, close calls and complete joy all packed into one. I could not be more proud to be an Auburn Tiger.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Each and every year at this time I seem to reflect on my life and what I am doing right and what I am doing wrong. It seems I am in a little funk about all the things I am doing wrong, without focusing on the positive things I have and do.

Now, nothing bothers me more than reading a blog that is ALL happy ALL the time. "I have the PERFECT husband" really bothers me because no one has the perfect husband. Yes, they can be perfect for you, but don't tell me they are perfect. I certainly am not the perfect wife.

I'm not sure what is is about adulthood, but I remember growing up and knowing I was truly happy and being content with that. I was rarely unhappy with life growing up. Adulthood has brought a new set of struggles that I guess I'm not used to and it weighs heavy on me more than it probably should.

Lately I am down on myself for not having a "thing". Some people sew most of their kids clothes, some create wonderful, elaborate meals for their family, some just have some kind of "trade" that helps pick up the family finances. Some eat right and exercise and don't even get me started on how far behind I am on the weighloss game. Whatever it may be, I usually end up feelign like a failure for not doing more when I know the majority of my time is spent taking care of my family, just without a "thing".

The truth is, I am blessed and not because my life is perfect, but because I am where I am supposed to be regardless of the struggles. This morning, Baker woke up at 4:00 a.m. for whatever reason and I was determined he would not "be up" for the day. I kept trying everything I could to get him back to sleep. He would fall asleep on my shoulder, I would put him in his crib and then he immediatley popped up crying again. I asked "WHY GOD WHY? PLEASE make him go to sleep. Please" and I truly expected immediate results from that prayer. It didnt work... and it was just a small reminder that this life is not on my watch. He is preparing me for something else. 30 minutes later, he went back to sleep.

So many times I make comparisons of my life with where others are in theirs. Sometimes I think blogs are a way the devil gets to me. I can read 1 blog, 1 day and feel like a complete failure. (thank you Darby..jk) But I cannot do this in 2011. In fact, I have thought so many times of deleting this altogether and stop reading blogs , but thats just silly and absurd.

For now, I am choosing to remain positive and continue taking care of my family, cooking less than perfect meals while struggling to contain Baker's tantrums, still without doing my husband's laundry (that's right, I don't do his laundry) and hoping that is sufficient in God's eyes.

With that being said we had a great 2010. I wanted to go through a timeline of the highlights for us last year.

January- I got a job! After being jobless for 1 year, I finally was employed again. It was a blessing to be jobless while I was pregnant and to have a little extra time with Baker as an infant too. However, I need to thank God every day for this church and how perfect (I said perfect) it is for me.

March- Fun girls trip to Atmore for Kristin's 30th Birthday! Any girls trips are noteworthy since my college friends live all over the place and getting back together is a treasure.

April- Claire's wedding and Girls trip to Austin, TX

May- Baker's Baby Dedication on Mother's Day. The perfect scenario for that day.

Different Girls Trip to Fairhope!

June & July- Lots of Pool time and a beach trip!

August- Baker started walking & Football season kicked off- WAR EAGLE!

September- Katie's 30th Birthday party

October- Baker's 1st Birthday! (Brent's birthday too)

November- NYC trip and the IRON BOWL!! (Both enormous highlights)

December- Of course Christmas is always a highlight of every year!

Within the years LOTS of babies were born and weekend trips were taken as well as fun changes to our house. but I can't timeline the whole year. So, I will leave you with this quote:

One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: To rise above the little things. ~John Burroughs
Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. Colossians 3: 12-14