Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random

So, I see that everyone has been tagging everyone in the 25 Random Things About Me on Facebook. I am not willing to post this on Facebook, but I am willing to on my blog. So, here goes-

1. Every night right before I go to sleep I twitch. Thats how I know I'm about to fall asleep.

2. No food disgusts me more than baked beans.

3. I am freakishly good with names. This just became revealed to me in doing Annie. Yesterday one orphan said "how do you know all of our names?"

4. I am late for work everyday because of our cats. They demand attention while in there and it has become exhausting. Brent gets mad if I make them leave because "bathroom time is their one joy in life". Sad.

5. I get a massage professionaly about once a month.

6. 99% of my dreams are located in NYC or a body of water. Seriously. Last night was NYC.

7. I tried to try out for American Idol, but got frustrated with the line and how early it was in the we left. (Beth and I)

8. The animal I am most afraid of is the common small lizard.

9. I only like to shop by myself. Thinking about shopping with anybody else makes me sweat.

10. I hate the process of trying to go to sleep. In fact, when i was younger I was scared of sleep. It took me a while to mentally prepare for sleep and was always an ordeal.

11. Now that my niece is born, I finally can semi-understand that love between mother and child. I already love her so much and she isnt even mine!

12. I have seen 18 musicals on Broadway

13. I'm obessed with Wicked AND Idina Menzel (Original "Elphaba" in Wicked)

14. I have had two heart surgeries due to fluid that accumulated around it.

15. I am fascinated with crime/murder cases.

16. I want to own a dog shelter or at least become a foster family to dogs. Brent said "no" but I will try again later.

17. If I can't do that, I want B and I to start our own theatre company.

18. I have taken dance, cheered and done musical theatre all my life YET I have never even come close to being able to do a split. I am jealous of those that can.

19. Everytime we watch Scrubs and the theme song comes on, it is a ritual that I say "I'm no Pooperman" at the end and then Brent has to kiss me regardless of how tired he is. (that is embarrassing)

20. I hate for my hands to be dirty at all. I have antibacterial stuff with me at all times. I wash my hands all day too.

21. Both "Lindsey" and "Bridgers" came from my Grandfathers.

22. I have never watched "Greys Anatomy"

23. Brent is my best friend.

24. I have lived in 7 different places in the last 6 years.

25. When people fall, I can't control my laughter.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pictures of Hayes

Here is the link to the professional pictures taken at the hospital.

Monday, January 26, 2009

She is here!!

Baby Hayes is finally here in the world! She weighed 7 pounds 4 oz. and has a head full of brown hair. I can't tell you how excited I am!!

To say this weekend was a whirlwind would be an understatement. We started "Annie" auditions on Thursday night. Of course, it was a late night because 86 kids showed up. Keep in mind that is 86 kids to teach a dance to. Friday night, we had 100 more show up!!! So, a total of 186 kids auditioned for Annie and MOST had major disappointments. Its hard to reject a child, but in the theatre you just can't get every part you want in every show. So, we were up to 3:30 am decided who to call back, and I was very anxious to get some sleep.

At 9:00 I get a call from Dad saying Amy is in labor! What? Wait, she is not due for another 2 1/2 weeks! At any rate, I was supposed to be at the callbacks at 4:00, but I certainly wasnt going to miss the birth of my first niece. So, I got up and headed to Birmingham. She pushed for 2 hours and had her around 3:20 on Saturday. I got to see her and be apart of the day's excitment. I was a bag of emotions all day.

I ended up leaving in time to make the tail end of call-backs and the rest of casting. The drama associated with casting was almost too much for Brent. He just hates hurting feelings and getting calls from parents wondering why their child wasnt cast. It really is a very hard thing.

I went back to Birmingham on Sunday to see Hayes (with Brent, Carly and Zoe) and we got to hold her this time. She was pretty alert and smiled some. She is just too beautiful for words. I love her so much already and I am elated to be an aunt!!

Here are the best three pictures I could get on my phone. There will be plenty more to come I am sure!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Elephant & Dog

This might be the sweetest story EVER!

Watch CBS Videos Online

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Great trip!

My voyage to Ohio for the weekend was very successful! It was such a great (short) trip. I had not flight delays or issues at the airport. Turns out, I am no longer afraid to fly! Molly picked me up and we headed straight for Mexican restaurant. We had half of a margarita (they were super sweet) and then left for her house, which by the way is absolutely amazing! I think my mouth dropped open at how pretty and nice her house is. Not only was it spotless, but everything looks brand new, up to date and just breathtaking. Add the fact that everything outside was covered in a blanket of snow. The road leading to her neighborhood is fenced in with those beautiful country wood fences (like at the American Village)and I think I got on her nerves talking about how beautiful it all was.

Once we got changed and freshened up, we headed to a resteraunt/bar called Rude Dog.

They just so happened to have karaoke, but not the kind of atmosphere you really want to do karaoke in. Crickets chirping b/c the crowd really just wants to watch the basketball game. So, that was a quick stop, and then to a place we heard was awesome! According to some we "might not see each other" it would be so crowded. Did I mention this was also karaoke? We were told to get there early. So, we pull up and see 5 cars in the parking lot. As we walk in there is a flourescent light shining in our faces to "set the mood" I guess. There were maybe 20 people in the whole place. We sang one song and jetted out of there.

Next stop- Mickey's. ALSO karaoke. Do you see the theme here? This place was actually the best. It was very crowded with nice people and there we also sang one song, but had a great time. Molly's sister so graciously left her own party to come pick us up and take us to here house to spend the night, since Molly's house is 30 minutes north of where we were. She was having "Game Night" and had several people over including snacks. It looked as if Molly and I hadnt eaten in days b/c we conquered the snacks with a vengence.

Sunday, we woke up and ate at Red Robin. (yum burger with an egg) Then we went to see "Bride Wars". It was very cute! There are some definate laugh out loud parts. It was fun.

Then we went to DSW so I could by some "snow ready" shoes, since I wore open toed heels on Friday night. Mlly quickly informed me that I was the only one in Ohio with opened toed shoes on. I think she was right.

Then it was time to get ready for SHOWTUNES!

I forgot to mention that Molly did NOT wear a coat out Sunday night. She "didnt want to keep up with it" Do you see the snow?? Yes, What??
We took a cab to Union Station where they play videos of 95% showtunes and 5% skits of some sort. It was AWESOME! You name the show and I guarantee they played a number from it.

This is "Popular" from Wicked
Some of MOlly's friends met us out there and we just had a great time. We ended the night by going to White Castle b/c Molly can't survive without late night food.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Give me an O-H-I-O!

What started out as a complete joke has turned into reality. My super great friend Molly lives in Columbus, Ohio so we rarely get to see each other. She was in my wedding, but we realized that the last time we'd seen each other was at her wedding 2 years before! This is not ok. We didnt really realize it b/c we talk so often and you forget how long it has been for face-to-face contact. Anyway, of course our wedding weekend was busy and I got to see her some, but not as much as I wanted to.

So, she sent me an e-mail Monday saying, "Come to Ohio this weekend. We are going to the Showtunes bar on Sunday, since MLK is Monday" I laughed and looked at flights (mainly to humor us both) but of course they were way expensive for a last minute trip. However, after more talking and flight research, I actually found a reasonable ticket and booked it. So, I leave tomorrow morning for Ohio until Monday. I am SO excited. Its also nice that I didnt have to wait for months and months for this to get here. Instead, its here!

As for our agenda, on tap is karaoke, showtunes, Mexican, a movie, lots of eating and lots of laughing I'm sure. Stay tuned for pictures from the weekend. Hal still has my camera, so I'm hoping Molly has hers ready to go.

P.S. I have an irrational fear of flighing so If our plane crashes, make sure you know that I love my family and friends very much.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Intervention of Intervention

Ok, raise your hand if you are obsessed with this show like I am? No one? Right. I know, its ridiculous to get sucked into it. I dont' know what it is, but I LOVE this show. I think in some sick way, it makes me feel better about myself, that I'm not as messed up as these people are. It puts my misfortunes into perspective.

I just watched one episode where this girl, Nicole, has a special kind of eating disorder. She is not anorexic or bulimic, but she refuses to swallow anything for fear of choking. Ok, now wait a minute. You are afraid of choking to death, so you choose to starve slowly instead? I know, these people have deep rooted issues- for example: Nicole was molested as a child and her parents took her to couseling, but didnt call the police or go after this guy at all. So, she has just been dealing with this traumatic instance by not eating or 14 years. She has to eat through a feeding tube. The tube was supposed to be temporary, but she has been wearing it for 14 years!! WHAT?

When everyone else sits down at the table to eat, she sits down with a serenge and pushes the food into her stomach herself.

Sub-plot is she has 2 small children that she won't wake up to feed. They have to call their dad at work to try to wake up their mom so she will feed them. How sad is that?

You have to admit this is interesting? Disturbing, sad, etc..., but interesting.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Biggest Losers

So, Brent and I are in a weight loss competition with ourselves. We both have set goals for ourselves and if we reach them, we are going to NYC for our 1 year Anniversary! I can't think of a better incentive for me to lose it. I started on Monday and I have been very disciplined. I am doing weight watchers again because it just works best for me. I am not one to cut-out something completely. I have tried to drink less soft drinks and more water which I know will help. If we do not reach our goals, we cannot go. So, we have until May 1st to make it happen. That is ample time to lose it, but keeping it off will be a challenge as well. My goal is to lose MORE and have some room to work with. Wish us luck! Here is a view of the prize.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We are in the middle of tech week for Miscast and its making me a little nervous. We have only been to 2 rehearsals (since we were asked at the last minute to be in it). We chose songs that we already knew, but still, there is harmony to learn, choreography and we also have group numbers that we've had to learn. I did NOT know the words to these group numbers they have chosen. Anywyay, here is a picture of what mine and Brent's number will look like. Of course, Brent is not black and I am not a 12 year old boy, but that is the point of Miscast. We are doing "Muddy Water" from Big River.

Carly and Zoe chose to do "Marry the Man Today" from Guys and Dolls. I couldnt find a good picture of this number, but below is their characters- minus the guys.

Friday, January 2, 2009

A new year...

Dear Brent,
Thank you for loving me just how I am. However, because of this, I have no real resolutions this year.

I can't decide if I am just lazy, lack confidence that I will keep those resolutions, or am just loved and made to feel ok the way I am so I got nothing. At any rate, I am not perfect and I NEED to make/set some goals. Of course I always go with your standard "LOSE WEIGHT" and "BE HEALTHY" but in years past I have had so much motivation to actually do it. This year, I want to lose weight, but Im not finding that motivation...anywhere...not even the rising scale.

Let's think. I definately would like to pray more often, drink less diet coke and more water, go to the gym at least 3 times a week, have a better attitude and give more to charitable organizations. Will I do this? I hope so, but Im not feeling that tug to make resolutions like I normally have in the past. Brent, this is your fault.

Content with my flaws
Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. Colossians 3: 12-14