Monday, February 28, 2011

James Watson Kennedy

Wats made it to the world safely!!

8 lbs. 3 oz and 100% cute. This picture melts my heart.

It was such a fun weekend being in Birmingham with all the grandparents and playing with Hayes and going to the hospital (minus Baker since Grandaddy offered to watch him) and then a trip the park and a dance party!

Let me elaborate on the dance party. I think I have mentioned that B Dozen has a few smooth dance moves. Well, I started a cheer/chant from my past DHS cheerleader days and Baker started shaking his booty to the beat. I do mean shakin' it. There is no way I can recreate the hilarity, but take my word for it, we were dy-ing.

If I can say one thing about myself this weekend, it is that I completely lost the game of picture taking. I did not snap ONE picture of Baby Watson and I got a total of 3 pictures of everthing else. I missed so many great picture taking moments. Ah well. My mom got several good ones, but still has no idea how to upload them, so we will consider them "lost forever".

B & H sharing her nativity scene. This is right before Bake threw Baby J as hard as he could to the floor.
Baker got his first real "boo-boo" whilst running on the driveway. See bandage.

In other news- I finally made cake balls on Friday night! I have been wanting to make them ever since I took a bite of one a while back. I went with Red Velvet/Cream Cheese/White chocolate combination. Guess what I don't have? That's right. A picture. Take my word for it, they did not turn out very pretty, but tasty nonetheless.

I made the mistake of buying the Bakers White Chocoale instead of Almond Bark. Big mistake to me. The coating was too thick. They were still good, but I was going for "less is more" on the coating, but got "too much of a good thing" in my opinion.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Garage Sale", Doughnuts & Tubes

"Garage Sale" is in quotes because...well, let me start from the beginning. Our garage was atrocious. Completely out of control. I kind of wanted to gag everytime I was in there. So, twas time to clean it out and prepare for a garage sale. Some hate garage sales, but I love them. I mean, what better way to kill 2 birds with one stone? Its not that hard to prepare for them and then you make a little money and get rid of your junk at once! Anywho, so we decided we would clean ours out on Saturday and get organized for the sale in two weeks. So, we piled ALL of our junk in the driveway to sort and get organized before we put everything back. Well, so many people kept stopping by thinking we were having a garage sale so we let them shop early. God was on our side in sending people to buy certain things we never thought we would sell and then taking things off our hands that we did not want to haul. We got rid of TONS of "space takers" like the couch and ended up making $100 without actually having a garage sale. I'm not sure if I can get more excited than this. This was basically killing 3 birds with one giant stone wrapped in a beautiful day and a cooperative baby.

Moving on...Baker was scheduled for tubes on Monday in Birmingham at Children's. So, we decided to spend the night with Hayes the nigth before so we didnt have to make the early drive. We stopped in Bessmer on the way to an awesome "Doughnut Party". Brent's niece Lauren, her husband and baby Lexi invited us over back in December since they won the Doughnut Maker in our family Dirty Santa. Zoe was pretty devasted we got a Quesadilla Maker instead of a Doughnut Maker. Anyway, it was too cute. Lauren had all the ingredients and icing and toppers and the doughnuts were great. Plus, we got to hang out with cutie pie, Lexi Mexi.

And play outside
and wait longingly by the door because we came back inside.

And play with Lexi's toys

Then we headed to Amy & Nathan's house to play with Hayes! It is so cute to me how excited Hayes gets to see Baker. If you read Amy's blog you already know this, but she kept saying "This is sooo funny!" while they played in her tunnel and tent. Baker was having so much fun too.

I am loving that they are finally at an age to actually play well together. They both can "do things" which make it so much fun.
Then, it was bathtime.

So, our tubes experience was a good test for my uneccesary anxiety. I have tried recently to live by the motto that you need not worry because 99% of the time, what you worry about will not happen and even if it does, you worry twice...well, I was not so much worried about the actual surgery but that Baker could not eat or drink at all when he woke up. For some reason I was picturing a horrible scene of desperation from him and THANK GOD he was fine with it. The entire process was so easy (as far as surgeries might go) but I think so highly of Children's Hospital. Unfortunatley this was our second experience at Children's but they are just amazing. He did great! Glad that one is past us.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Free is fun!

We had a lovely little weekend hanging out with Baker and doing various things. Saturday, we thought it would be fun to partake in Storytime at Barnes and Noble. It was even cuter than I expected. They did a Valentine's theme with a story, sang songs, took soloists, passed out cookies, passed out free stuff and then let the kids make Valentines. I was very excited to find a fun, free thing to do for Baker on Saturdays. From there we had lunch at Panera Bread and attempted another trip to Gigi's. Nope again. I don't even want to talk about it....

This is also the site where a "big kid" (approximatelyy 2) pushed Bake out of the way. The mom literally whispered "no, no". I just knew Bake was about to bite this kid, but he didnt. He just looked at him very confused.

I choreographed a number for 2 of Bren't students to take to competion in exchange for free babysitting. I guess if I can't get paid...
We saw Zoe again in The Miracle Worker. (My second time, Brent's 7th). He's a proud papa.

Sunday, we all went to church, lunch and a little play outside.

One is never enough. "Tennis ball, you better bounce where I want you to bounce" Our newest obsession is "Mr. Potato Head". Thank you Hayes for this wonderful addition to our toy box.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Re-Cap

Snow Day 2011 went a little something like this...

Totally unaware last night that it had even begun to snow. I look in the backyard and see:

Wow, Ok. thats pretty legit. (Too Legit to Quit, if you ask me)

Calvary actually made an early judgment call to close until 1:00 today which was awesome. So, I asked Baker if he wanted to play in the snow and he said yes. So, we "suited up" and headed outside. Things were going well in the first 3 mintues. I even got a nice smile..
He looks hilarious here to me.

So, we proceed to stick our shoes in the snow. I tell Bake to walk around. He does not comply. Instead, his only interest was running out into the street. He would not take no for an answer. I would pull him way back onto our driveway and bolt, he would go. Here he is bolting:

He looks mad here because he is.

Please take note of his outfit- Fleece Pj's, under a sweater hoody, and mismatched tobogan. Looking good, dude.

So, after I realize he wants nothing to do with snow but everything to do with playing in the streets, we took it back inside. He got so mad.

Snow Day- FAIL.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I love the month of February and I love Valentine's Day...That is really not what this post is about, I just thought I would throw that out there.

When asked to smile, this is what B Dozen gave me.

He is a boy of many facial expressions. I wish I had a picture for each one. Especially his "I'm trying not to laugh but a smile is still creeping through" face. That one gets me.

I have 2 great videos of him "showing his muscles" but I CANNOT for the life of me upload videos anymore. I used to put them on Facebook and embed them here and now it won't let me do that. HELP! Just uploading a video straight to Blogger never has worked either. Frustrating because I love a good video.

So, The Miracle Worker is going GREAT! Zoe is amazing and doenst even know it. She had everyone bawling at the end. Such a powerful little actress at age 10. I am just so proud of her. If you live in or near Tuscaloosa, please come see her. You won't regret it.

My parents came last weekend to see Zoe in the play and to hang out with Baker Man. It was a short visit, but very fun. I have been talking about and dreaming about a new place that just opened up in Tusc. and is all the rage-
Gigi's Cupcakes!
We got in line on Saturday and found it that it was an hour wait for these guys. I was devastated. They have 8 billion different types to choose from and they all look divine. I have my eye on the Wedding Cake and the Red Velvet though. However, this Banana Creme Pie is totally calling my name.

Brent and I are in a weight loss competition for the month of February..then, Gigi's had to open up and crush my motivation to loss weight.
Last, is anyone watching the Bachelor? I really love the Bachelor and I can't completely pinpoint why. I know so much of it is scripted and staged yet I can't NOT watch it. The best thing is reading the recaps from Lincee- I know, I know. She has been doing this since 2003 but its still hilarious. Check them out at Hilarious. I will say, I totally cheated and found out the winners/runners up because I am 5 and can't wait for the actual episode to air to find out. Whatevs.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The beginning of a "Miracle"...

Our very own Zoe Jones (my stepdaughter) is going to play "Helen Keller" in Theatre Tuscaloosa's The Miracle Worker beginning tonight! Although this is a HUGE role, she is not unfamiliar with playing big parts. She was "Scout" in To Kill a Mockingbird last year with Brent's school. This is much bigger deal though because its her first lead in a community theatre production and Theatre Tuscaloosa just happens to be very good. I can't wait to see it Saturday with my parents and Brent. Especially since I've never seen the show, movie, or any of her rehearsals. So, its very exciting for us and especially for Zoe. She is super talented and very sweet and from what I've heard has been quite the hit at rehearsals. So, I wanted to share a picture from the show and a link to the story on ABC 33/40.

Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. Colossians 3: 12-14