Monday, September 27, 2010


We could not have picked a better game to attend in Jordan Hare Stadium this season. There must be something about being there that makes me feel optimistic about the game as opposed to my usual gameday pessimism. See, here is my logic: If I go into it with pessimism, I will not be disappointed regardless of the turnout (well, still disappointed, but at least expecting it) That way its not such a blow.

South Carolina was the favorite going into this game which is how I like it. I also prefer games like this that don't have a ton of hype. The Clemson game was hyped to the max and you see what happened there. Anyway, I think for the viewers at home, Auburn fans were having another heart attack. I was feeling VERY confident the entire time which is SO unlike me.

It was such a back-and-forth game which is really what makes them fun. Stressful, but very fun! What a great surprise for Auburn to pull out a victory! It was worth every penny. My husband was even supportive throughout the whole game. I was nervous he would just sit there. He did draw the line at wearing anything remotely Auburn looking. Thats fine.

The feeling of being in that stadium on gameday is euphoric to me. I just love everything about it. The sea of orange and blue, tons of shakers, Aubie, the smoke and fireworks that do for the team to run out. The jumbotron of multiple highlight videos, the band ect...

I even got to see Lenzie & Susan/Mike after the game! Susan let me know that the players walk by their tailgate after the game at different times so I got to see several of them walk by. The funniest part is that Cam Newton doesnt walk, he rides his scooter. This cracks me up. I know the picture is blurry, but you get the point.
Sidenote: People bake the players cake and hand it to them as they walk by. Random.

It was great fun! Baker got to hang out with his Aunt Barbara and Uncle Rick and had a great time.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Quick Stats

The B Dozen hit 11 months yesterday and I am without camera..again. So, I will make this quick to re-cap his stats at 11 months.

- 21 lbs. 4 oz. (35th percentile)
- 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom)
- Skilled walker and picking up the pace every day
- Has a new rotation of "tricks" he does on command. For example: If we click our tongues, he will click his. We change to blubbering our lips, he follows, and so on. He has about 4-5 in the rotation and its precious to see that he knows how to follow what we are doing.
- Still cannot clap. This concerns me and I don't know why. Why won't he clap? He should have been doing this months ago.
-Throws large tantrums on the changing table.
- Just started not letting us feed him with a spoon. I am sad to say the baby food days might be behind us. I sure loved the baby food days. They were just so easy for us. Now I am going to have to plan, cook, prepare, and be creative to get him to eat.
- I have started the bottle-weaning process. He already drinks well from a sippy cup, but I have never denied him any of his allotted bottles per day. I asked his teacher to put all of his milk in sippy cups from now on. Sniff*
- His new thing is pointing. He likes to point at anything and everything he sees.
- If we would let him, he would like to hang out by the toilets or the transhcans all day. I HATE THIS. The germaphobe in me is just not ready for this kind of challenge. Sick me out.

I am getting very pumped up for this 1st Birthday Party. I have been planning this for waaayyy too long for a baby that won't know whats going on, but it should be cute anyway.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's a party, its a party!

We spent last weekend in rehearsals and in Birmingham! I have a lot of busy stress right now. I know I mentioned that I am choreographing Secret Garden, but I am also teaching a dance on Sunday nights to kids at my church. They perform it for the big group on Sunday mornings.

Saturday we went to Birmingham where I redeemed my Groupon massage that I have been waiting for since February! It was an hour and 1/2!! Pure heaven I tell you.

Then, we kept Hayes for Nathan and Amy while they hosted a baby shower. Hayes slept the entire time so we didnt do much. I was pleasantly surprised when she woke up and I walked in her room to a very cute Auburn cheerleading uniform. War Cam Eagle Daisy!
I really really wish I had a picture of her in uniform.

My friend April that lives in Austin (along with Meg and Lauren) even came by to see B Dozen.

My friend Katie turned the big 3-0 and we celebrated at Zydeco for her party! All of our college friends (well, minus Susan, Betsy and Katherine) came in town for the event. The party was mainly a big Auburn v. Clemson game watching party with a lot of frustration from our side. Crazy game with a super fun ending. However, I will be having a nervous breakdown before this season ends.

The Birthday girl

My friends don't come in town without hitting up Starz!

Sunday morning we raced home to get to church for the dance performance. Then, to SG rehearsals, then back to church for more dance teaching. I was EXHAUSTED.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


This week we have been in the middle of 2 ear infections and possibly strep (the possibly part is a long story) so its been a rough week. Last night was the worst because B woke up with some serious pain and was IN-CON-SOLABLE for what seemed like hours. In reality it was probably about 30 minutes, but at 2:30 am it feels like forever.

We had a nice weekend with Brent's family though at the Penn State/Bama tailgate. I will say though, sometimes the preparation for a tailagate is way more trouble that its worth...I'm just throwing that out there. In addition to this, I had to be a good sport and let Brent dress Baker how he wanted. I do have to admit a baby jersey is WAY cute to me.

Brent's niece and her husband actually set up the tailgate so I really should not complain. They have 2 little girls so they even brought an inflatable bouncey house!

Of course Izabelle had a great time too

Then, Glenn, Beth & Izabelle spent the night with us after the game and again on Sunday night. The best prize was that Beth offered to cook and she is amazing! We had chicken wrapped with prociutto and asiago cheese. PLUS some delicous mashed new potatoes and corn on the cob. Great times.

Something else has been eating up our time though. I mentioned that we are both doing the Secret Garden.

Did I mention that taking this on (for me) was an enormous mistake? Its not that I wouldnt want to do it under normal circumstances but we do have a baby. That baby can't stay home alone so we have to find someone to stay with him each night we both have to be there. Not to mention the time it takes to actually choregograph this show. Its not even extensive choreography but it has already been way time consuming.

This weekend if we are all well, we are headed to Birmingham for my long awaited groupon massage and KT's 30 birthday bash! Whoop. We are keeping Hayes all day and I am very excited.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Videos as promised

Here is Baker "riding" his car backwards.

Hayes screaming contest with Grandaddy

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

We had a great time spending Labor Day in Dothan this weekend. Sadly, Brent could not come because of a Secret Garden rehearsal. Did I mention we are taking on another theatre project? This time, Brent is the lead and I am choreographing. Choreographing has become my new "job" here in Tuscaloosa. I have been lucky to be getting several gigs in town. That is all for another post...

So, Baker, myself and Honey rode down together on Saturday morning and spent the whole weekend eating LOTS of smoked ribs, chicken and boston butt. Nathan, Amy & Hayes were there too so it was great to see everyone. Baker loves his Shug & Grandaddy and they make it so easy to travel to their house. My mom has 1 of everything we need basically and its really nice not to have to pack so much.

Enjoying their breakfast together

This little girl entertained us ALOT. She loves for everyone to clap for her, so we did a lot of that. Then, she and Grandadday had a nice squeal contest (these are fun for our family for some reason) and I have a really cute video.

B Dozen said WARRRRR EAGLE!!

The babies played in their baby pool

A little Baker update: He currently has 5 teeth and I completely missed one of them coming in. Its a fully developed tooth that I never noticed. Wow.

He basically spent the weekend clinging to me and eating. Hayes spent the weekend climbing, clapping, and saying as many words and names and we asked her to. She is going to be such a good big sister!

We had several visitors on Saturday and it was really fun! Thanks for coming over Uncle Hank, Ann Carol, Beth, Dustin, Ms. Linda, Mandy and Ms. Beth!

Stay tuned for cute videos from the weekend...I just learned that I can upload them to facebook and transfer them here. Otherwise, it was not working.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Someone went to school matching again today. The only difference is someone wore pants and someone else didn't. I'll let you guess.

Someone also has a ghetto booty. Aunt Caroline would be proud.

Someone is enjoying snapping, singing and playing the guitar.

Someone is going to Dothan for Labor Day and watching Auburn football with actual Auburn fans!!
WAR EAGLE fly down the field, ever to conquer, never to yield....
It's almost here!

Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity. Colossians 3: 12-14